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Joe and Callie are not only incredibly talented professionals but intentional, kind, overall wonderful people! They made our wedding day so much fun and captured everything so beautifully, recommending them to everyone I know!
— Parker
Joe & Callie are the sweetest couple! They work so hard to make your day special. The videos look incredible and I’m so glad I got a videographer. I couldn’t be more pleased!
BLOWN AWAY by Joe and Callie Cain! My (now) husband and I are such a fan of quality people with quality talents. Friends, that is Joe and Callie Cain to a tee! Throughout the months of planning, they were so helpful in working out the details and ensuring that they knew what we wanted out of our wedding video. They always were so quick to respond with an always positive attitude, too! The husband/wife duo captured my and my husband’s personalities and values through every shot and second. They were a delight to have celebrate with us! After all was said and done with the wedding itself, Joe and Callie posted sneak peeks of film and still shots on their instagram as soon as a few hours after the reception! They were so prompt with getting our finished product to us, and we got to relive our magical day all over again! This couple is a blessing beyond words. We are truly humbled by them and how they present themselves. Book them! QUALITY service, QUALITY people! Forever grateful for Joe and Callie Cain.
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This couple is amazing!!!! First off, out highlight video was back in no time at all! And when it was done it sent everyone into happy tears!! The video was absolutely beautiful and captured all of our very special moments that went by so quickly for us that day. And now we can relive them over and over. We loved spending the day with such an easy going and sweet couple! I could not be any more pleased with everything they did! And to top it all off their package they sent with the actual cd was packaged beautifully!
Joe and Callie were incredible! They captured every special moment and they were super easy going! They even stood out in below freezing temps to capture everything and we’re super helpful with things that they didn’t even have to help with! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a videographer!
The best decision Britt and I made was to book Joe and Callie. Your wedding day goes by so quickly while you try to take everything in! Joe and Callie captured every little detail for us to continually relive as the years go on. I am so extremely pleased with their work! From the day we booked them, they assured us that they would bring all of the elements we wanted into our video, and boy did they! I have watched the videos they made at least 5 times a day. They caught every emotion that Britt and I get to feel all over again. If you haven’t booked them, do it now! They will give you the most beautiful pieces from your one wedding day to hold onto for all the days to come.
I didn’t decide that I wanted a videographer until 3-4 months before the wedding. A friend told me to look at Joe’s work and I instantly knew that he is who I wanted. I was confused on the packages that he offered so Joe spent the time to send me a long email describing each package and what the entailed and discuss them with me. He also explained that we could customize a package so that I could have the parts of the day that were important to me. I chose a package that had the 4-5 minute highlight video, raw footage and ceremony coverage. Joe and his wife, Callie, showed up on time and were great the day of the wedding!! They were both so helpful the whole day! They weren’t in the way and at times I forgot that they were even there videoing us. Joe and Callie captured our wedding perfectly! The small details that they took the time to get make the video so special. Friends who couldn’t be there said that by watching the highlight video they felt like they got to be at the wedding. Hiring Joe Cain was one of the best decisions that I made!
Joe and Callie were incredible! They were patient and attentive. They got footage of us that was so natural and just perfect! We are so grateful to have had them to film our wedding. The video turned out more perfect than we could have ever hoped for!
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Our experience with Joe & Callie was amazing. They are super sweet and made sure to hit all the main points of our wedding we asked for! They were early to the wedding and made sure we was happy before they left! The work we received was super fast and the quality was amazing! They definitely put us and our needs first that day! I never saw them stop till the party was over! If you are looking for a super sweet, laid back but professional couple, look no further and book them now before it’s too late!
Joe and Callie are amazing to work with and so personable. They add special touches to make your wedding day great. The video of our daughter’s wedding was made with love and professionally done to produce a special memory for the rest of their lives. We highly recommend them!
— Scott & Kim
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Joe and Callie were the absolute best from start to finish! Joe was very prompt in answering emails sent back and forth. He was very informative on the packages and what all they included. They arrived to town when they said they would, were no bother to anyone, and captured every important moment of the day! Callie was such a big help to me from holding the train of the dress to making sure every detail was perfect for pictures and the whole day in general. Our video was back so fast! It was honestly better than I could have ever imagined. Tears of joy flowed as we sat together and watched all the moments that were so special to us, yet are so easily forgotten from nerves! I have watched our video at least 1000 times since we got it back. It was the best decision we made by hiring Joe and Callie! We look so forward to watching “our” video every year for our anniversary and showing our kids and grandkids one day! Thank you both for everything you did for us that day and making our video, in our opinion, one the best!!!!
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Joe was an absolute joy to work with. He was very professional and punctual. He was also very prepared and managed to keep rolling even when it started to rain. My husband and I never felt like we were being filmed. Everything was very natural, and Joe was easy to work with. I have heard stories about photographers and videographers fighting for camera time. Joe was very flexible and caught every special moment while working well with the photographer. He is very creative, and we love our highlight video. Every voice-over, close up, and shot is perfect. I am so thankful a friend gave me Joe’s name when I started looking for a videographer. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else on our big day.
Joe Cain did an outstanding job filming our wedding! I was very pleased with the quality of the video and his creative ability to capture moments that I will cherish forever! I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a videographer in the future!
Getting Joe Cain to video our wedding was one of the best decisions we made in all of our wedding planning. He is easy going, dependable, has an artistic eye that makes his work feel so natural, and a lot of the time you don’t even know he’s there - so you can just enjoy the day and know that he’s got it covered. All of that to say, if you’re wondering whether it’s worth getting a videographer... it’s worth it. He’s the real deal.
If you want someone laid back who is going to do a fantastic job at an affordable price, pick Joe!
— CJ
They did an awesome job. They went out of their way to take photos of the town and the sunset to add to the video to make personable. They also provided us with a well thought out video in a very timely manner for us to share with our friends and family. Everyone loved viewing it. They made the video a great way to capture the feelings of the whole days events. I am so glad we were able to have them do our wedding. They did an awesome job. I have shared it with all my friends and family.
We were struggling to find a videographer that wouldn’t charge an arm and a leg for a 4 minute video of our day! Either the videographers were $2000+ or the video quality was a disaster. We heard about Joe through a mutual friend, and after looking at his videos on Vimeo and talking with him about pricing, I knew he was our guy! He, along with his wife Callie, who came as his second shooter, were absolutely great to work with. They arrived just when they said they would and immediately got to work filming things in the background, never being a distraction. In fact, I pretty much went the whole day without noticing Joe filming things in the background, which felt very natural. Callie was an enormous help to me, as it was really hot on our wedding day! She carried lipstick, napkins to blot my face, and constantly helped me get small bugs out of the tulle on my dress. She was the best bridesmaid I never knew I needed!! On top of everything, we absolutely love our final product and are so pleased with the way Joe captured who we are as a couple and all the special moments from our day. We couldn’t have made a better choice!
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We had a hard time deciding if we wanted a wedding video at first. BEST DECISION EVER! Joe did an AMAZING job, and it turned out to be one of our favorite memory pieces from our wedding day. He captured everything important to us all the way down to the decorations and shots of the venue. He was extremely flexible, easy to work with, and we hardly realized he was there with the camera throughout our day. If you are considering Joe for a special wedding video, DO IT!!! You won’t be disappointed!

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