About Us


We are Joe and Callie...

...a husband and wife videography team located in the heart of Mississippi that is dedicated to filming and sharing your love story. It would be our greatest pleasure to get to know you and capture your moments, expressions, and love on the day of your wedding or elopement. Our passion is capturing these purest of moments and editing them into a story that you will cherish forever.

One of us is a people-loving book nerd and the other is a task-driven introvert, but together, it works. When we're not playing fetch with our pup, we usually have a house-project or three to work on. In May of 2018, we had our first child, a sweet big baby boy named Henry. Owning your own business with a little one can be challenging, but we love being able to be with him throughout the week and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. Filming weddings for a living is a "lifestyle" dream come true. It is something we are passionate about and inspired to improve on daily. If you look through our films over the years, hopefully, that is evident. Life for us is different than most, but it's something we've grown to love and embrace. If you'd like to meet up talk weddings, hit us up on our  contact page. 


Callie is the prettier half of Joe & Callie and is the more natural story-teller of the two. During the wedding planning process, she's the one with the great ideas and on the wedding day she becomes "the bridesmaid the bride never knew she needed." Her strengths lie in her kindness and openness to love all people and to find the story just waiting to be told.


Joe is the one with ever-evolving facial hair and is the creative power behind the films. He's the lead videographer and editor on each and every film and is constantly trying to push what can be done in a wedding video. While he may be an introvert by nature, he loves people and wants each wedding film to be unique and special.