Why Videography?

Before our intro in the wedding videography "scene," we assumed that most videographers were the standard friend of an uncle who just so happened to have a camcorder and would try to record the ceremony and maybe a few minutes of the reception. In fact, Joe's parent's wedding video from 1986 was just that! 

Fast forward 30(ish) years and nearly everything in the wedding industry has changed. Photographers lean more on natural light and emotion rather than rigid beauty shots in front of an altar. Venues now have all-inclusive prices in astoundingly beautiful locations instead of simply using a church and a fellowship hall (don't we all love that green carpet?). Receptions have become larger than life celebrations rather than just cutting the cake and leaving. Videography now can capture the purity of a love story like none other in contrast to just a camcorder on a tripod. What was once a laughable antique from your parent's past can now be a treasured investment that could be tailored to meet your very specific needs and desires for this day.


Is it Necessary?

Wait for it....... no, not really. A wedding can go on perfectly without a videographer. In fact, we don't have a wedding film from our own wedding (a huge oversight on our part). The fact is that it just isn't a top priority for everyone. If it comes down to being able to only afford a photographer or videographer, most people will lean towards a photographer and we totally understand that! We've lived with wedding photographs for decades and it's what we know.

Our point, however, is to not underestimate what a wedding film can provide. If you want to remember the "overlooked details" of the day (your voices as you read aloud a sentimental letter to your counterpart, the voices of family and friends laughing and celebrating, the weather filled with overcast skies that brought a little light summer sprinkle right at the beginning of your ceremony, the atmosphere of the day whether filled with romance, or simply being with those you love, your raw emotions, your thoughts, or the just way you looked when you first saw your bride or bridegroom coming toward you on that special day) then videography is necessary for you. There is no other way to capture these moments in motion which will allow you to draw on such a profound sense of remembrance.

"The small details that they took the time to get make the video so special. Friends who couldn’t be there said that by watching the highlight video they felt like they got to be at the wedding." - Kelsey
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But Is it Really Worth it?

Again, we're coming from an obviously biased perspective, but we believe that yes, absolutely, it's worth it - especially when it's done the right way. It's impossible for you to remember all the details or moments of the day and videographers can offer more than a still image in a photo album or a leftover wedding program. It's the way that your voice trembled when you read your vows to the love of your life. It's the way the birds sounded as you walked to your first look. You may not see your mother shed a tear while you’re dancing your first married-couple dance at the reception. You might not see your grandparents dancing cheek-to-cheek while you’re milling about with guests.... but a videographer can capture these moments, and allow you to watch them as though you were really there all over again. 

It's typical for couples to plan many of the moments that a photographer will capture, but what about the unexpected moments? That's where a videographer comes in. It's our job and very personal privilege to take the story of your day, (from the time you start getting ready until the time your reception ends) and make it into a film that you can look back on for a lifetime and that you can show your children and grandchildren. 

"The video was absolutely beautiful and captured all of our very special moments that went by so quickly for us that day. And now we can relive them over and over. We loved spending the day with such an easy going and sweet couple! I could not be any more pleased with everything they did!" -Shanda


A beautiful set of photos can do absolute wonders for remembering your day. We highly recommend a high-quality photographer, but there's just something about getting the ability to immerse yourself in your wedding day years down the road when times get tough or when you're celebrating your 50th anniversary. A wedding film has the ability to bring you back to the raw emotion and purity of your wedding day. 

Author, Stephanie Weers, from StyleMePretty.com has a wonderful way of summarizing the worthiness of this investment. She states, "When you watch a good film in the theater - or even a cool Superbowl ad - you laugh, you cry, you are MOVED. The medium of video combines the elements of music, sound, and movement in order to accurately document this once-in-a-lifetime day. Hiring a cinematographer may seem like an extraordinary or "luxury" expense, but in the end, it will actually extend your entire wedding investment by DECADES by preserving these memories in this super effective format. Having great photographs and a great film go hand-in-hand but each does not "replace" the other. They serve two completely different purposes."  

Whether in a condensed highlight or an extraordinary featurette of your day, a wedding film can do all these things for you and more. We believe that it is a priceless investment that will only become more and more valuable over your lifetime. 



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