Dustin & Madison

Venue | The Antler
Photographer |
Bridget Sharp Photography
Band | 
Spunk Monkees
Additional Music | Clint Blissard
Officiant | Brad Blaylock
Music | “With Light" by Analog Heart
Hair and makeup | Hillary Duggar
Catering | Anita Voyles and Blue South
Dress | Low’s Bridal
Flowers | Casey & Co. 
Coordinator | Deanna Uhiren

There’s a steadfast kind of love that is discovered for couples who have known each other and have walked through life together for a long time. For Dustin and Madison, they have discovered and beautifully displayed this kind of love and in the month of February of 2019, they decided to take the next step into marriage together.

Madison glowed in her beautiful wedding gown and Dustin looked great in his black tuxedo. As they read letters to one another, normally stoic and quiet Dustin revealed the underlying emotion and passion that he had for Madison and the anticipation of her finally becoming his bride and wife. It truly melted everyone’s hearts to watch their precious daughter, Parker, walk down the aisle right before her mom during the ceremony.

During the reception, both Madison, Dustin, and Parker had their certain cakes celebrating the event. As Madison danced with her dad, Dustin and Parker danced right alongside. The whole day was truly touching and heartwarming. Dustin and Madison were married on February 23, 2019, at The Antler in Tupelo, Mississippi.


***The photos above are low-resolution screenshots. Photos (not seen here) of this wedding day were taken by Bridget of Bridget Sharp Photography. See her photography site for the photos from this wonderful day.