Hunter & Madison

Venue | The Jefferson Oxford
Planner | Treasured Memories Wedding Day Planning
Photographer | Malik Sharp Photography & Film
Dress | Maggie Louise
DJ | Kevin Russell
Music | "Falling For You" by The Light The Heat


There is truly nothing like a summertime wedding. The bright blue skies creating the perfect backdrop canopy, the warm breeze flowing in and out of the tall pine trees, the flowers dancing effortlessly in the fields, and more only intensify the glorious day. For Madison and Hunter, nothing could have been better than a summer day just like that to be the day they said, “I do.”

 Madison’s gown was light and airy with the various layered lengths of beautiful white material. She was adorned with a beautiful headband beaded with jewels as her long veil followed behind. Hunter’s reaction to seeing his stunning bride was one of genuine awe and sincere love. The nerves of the day just fell away after seeing one another. 

The ceremony was Christ-centered and the celebration was full of excitement and dancing. Nothing could describe Madison and Hunter’s love better than what he said in his letter to her. Hunter said, “From the moment we met, I knew that you were very special and someone I should probably hold onto.” Little did he know then, that she would be his wife one day. Hunter and Madison were married on July 21, 2018, at The Jefferson in Oxford, Mississippi


***The photos below are low-resolution screenshots from the wedding film and not meant for print. Photos (not seen here) of this wedding day were taken by Malik Sharp  of Memphis, TN. See his site for all your photography needs.