Christian & Laura

Venue | Rasberry Greene - Soso, MS
Photography | Jen Menard Photo
Music | "Cathedrals" by John Lucas

On December 16, 2017, you could hear the birds rejoicing in the sun’s warmth, and you could feel the cool breeze engulfing the beautiful venue of Rasberry Greene with its gorgeous trees encircling one side and with the lake smooth and still on the other. With all of its natural beauty, the most stunning aspect of the day was the beautiful beaming bride walking down the outside aisle to meet her future husband.

Laura’s dress was simple, yet intrinsically detailed with silk, beads, and lace sleeves. She wore a vintage brooch on one side of her hair to act as the pinnacle of her natural elegance. Instead of reading letters to one another, both Christian and Laura wrote prayers for each other, thanking and adoring God for giving them the good gifts of His Son and each other on this special day of the beginning of their lifelong marriage. Christian prayed Ephesians 3:16-19 over their marriage, asking God to fill them to the very brim with His love, grace, and fullness. The marriage ceremony was intimate yet displayed a profound example of two people coming before God with reverential awe and wonder. After dinner, cake, and donuts, the couple danced the night away to the swing band that played classics as well as contemporary songs of celebration. You could see on both Christian and Laura’s faces that their love, because of their love for the Father, was steadfast and unwavering.

May they be blessed by Christ’s presence and peace all the days of their lives. Christian Good and Laura Armour were married on December 16. 2017 at Rasberry Greene in Soso, Mississippi.

Joe & Callie.... we just watched, and oh my goodness. You could not have captured our day any better!!! 😭❤️ what a PRICELESS gift you’ve given us in that film that we can cherish for the rest of our lives. We will treasure it forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
— The Goods

***The photos below are low-resolution screenshots from the wedding film and not meant for print. Incredible photos (not seen here) of this wedding day were taken by the wonderful Jen Menard. Visit her site for all your photography needs.

Wedding HighlightJoe Cain