Joe & Lauren

Venue | Church on Main  -  Chattanooga, TN
Photography | Evergreen Film Co. &  EarthPsalm
Hiking Locations | Pocket Wilderness & Signal Point

"Great Plains (feat. Matt Huber)" by Josh Hoover
"I Found You in the Woods" by Jacob Montague
"Lives Are Threads" by Salomon Ligthelm

Joe and Lauren met as college freshman at Bryan College back in the fall of 2013. Little did they know then that through many "twists and turns" that they would end up being husband and wife in December of 2017. Joe and Lauren's love for one another is not an ordinary love. They love fiercely because they truly cherish one another. They love divinely because it is apparent that Jesus Christ is their one true and above all other love. 

After reading letters to one another the day before in the pocket wilderness down the road from where they first laid eyes on one another, they began a journey of holy honor and commitment. As Lauren stepped into her elegant and intricate gown and fastened the long and exquisite veil as if it were a crowning jewel, she beamed and looked even more majestic than modern-day royalty. Joe's reaction to his bride as they stood on the top of Signal Mountain was of pure joy, love, and affection. The wedding ceremony officiated by Pastor Tim Tinsley was completely focused not around mere human emotion or temporary feelings, but on the everlasting unwavering eternal love that Christ displayed for them and how their marriage founded upon Him will forever affect the generations to come. After the ceremony, nothing could have dampened the excitement and expectation to dance with and celebrate the happy couple. 

Joe and Lauren's wedding was just the beginning of a couple's life together as one glorifying and enjoying God together forever. Joe Snyder and Lauren Keck were married at the Church on Main in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee on December 10, 2017.

We love it so so much! We are so thankful for everything you guys did. It’s amazing. I love the music, the edits, how you made it our story.
— The Snyders

***The photos below are low-resolution screenshots from the wedding film and not meant for print. Incredible photos (not seen here) of this wedding day were taken by the wonderful Zoee Davis and Rebekah. Visit their sites for all your photography needs.

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