Louie & Umber

Venue | Heartwood Hall  |  Rossville, TN
Photography | Matt Phoenix Photography
Photobooth | Photo Booth Bling
DJ | Jimmy Harris - Deep Blue Entertainment
"For the Sake of the World" by Without Words

Nothing is a better expression of the beauty of diversity than a wedding and marriage ceremony. Umber and Louie’s wedding was such an extraordinary day that incorporated the grace, elegance, and honor of different cultures and backgrounds coming together to celebrate everlasting love and eternal commitment. From the moment Umber stepped onto the grounds of Heartwood Hall, she was breathtaking. Her poise and ease as the day began with her small group of bridesmaids made it sweet and an honor to behold. Louie’s genuine and tender heart for his bride as he turned for his first look at her in her gorgeous wedding gown would make anyone witnessing it swell with happiness and bliss. During their ceremony, they incorporated many unique and considerate aspects. They honored their families by giving each mother a rose. They lit unity candles and the officiant gave them their first gift by conducting a coin ceremony. Speeches from family members, dancing, and merriment made the reception a fun, yet heart-warming finale to the day. Louie and Umber were married at Heartwood Hall on November 10, 2017.


WOW is all we can say right now. We are so impressed and happy with the outcome - you and Callie are the best! Thank you so much for such a wonderful, well-done video!!
— Umber
Wedding HighlightJoe Cain