Dustin & Kristen

Venue | Hollow Creek Plantation  -  Ecru, MS
Photography | Kathryn Leigh
Music | "Sierra" by Zachary David

Every now and then, there is a couple who embody the love of Jesus Christ so much that He exudes throughout everything they do and say. Dustin and Kristen are an example of this kind of couple. Even on their wedding day when our culture says it should be all about you, they walked in true humility and love that refreshed and blessed all who were able to witness it. Their officiant said, "If you spend any time with them at all, you feel comfortable in their presence; they just swell with belonging. And we know that the love that you have for each other is not just worldly or earthly, there's something supernatural, magical, something mystical about it. God is in your relationship because of the way you love each other and the way you love us." Kristen glowed in her beautiful wedding gown, designed with long sleeves of elegant white lace, as she held her bouquet of gorgeous flowers pinned with heirloom broaches. Dustin's pre-wedding letter for Kristen was filled with loving and encouraging promises to always put her first and push her toward her dreams. Everything about their wedding day seemed like a fairy tale, from quaint fall decorations to her arrival in a horse-drawn carriage. Dustin and Kristen were married at Hollow Creek Plantation in Ecru, Mississippi on October 14, 2017.

Wedding HighlightJoe Cain