Taylor & Courtney

Pickwick Lake House  |  Cherokee, AL
Catering |  Taylor Grocery
"Father's Land" by Jordan Critz





Churches, country clubs, and other outside venues are great places to get married in the summer, but they aren’t always as beautiful as a backyard wedding at a stunning lake house. During the summer, one will see many people at Pickwick Lake enjoying various water sports, swimming, fishing, and simply the sounds and sights of nature. However, on June 10th, Pickwick Lake was the perfect destination for Taylor and Courtney to make everlasting vows to one another in marriage. Gorgeous from the very moment that the sun rose, this wedding day was lovely in every aspect. Courtney’s dress was a one-of-a-kind simple, yet incredibly elegant gown that made her glow with ease and excitement. Taylor’s tender letter written for Courtney stirred all kinds of joyful and sweet emotions as they stood beside the shore taking in all the beautiful landscape and tiny details of the day. As they said their vows before family and friends, the water of the lake behind them glistened and glimmered. No other reception can hold a candle to the immense amount of merriment and celebration that incorporated scrumptious food from Taylor’s Grocery from Oxford, Mississippi to literally dancing the night away. What a wonderful way to begin their new chapter of life together other than by riding off on the crisp water into the sunset.