Noah & Sara

The Franklin Courtyard | Corinth, MS
"Prayer" by One Hundred Years
Photography | Jessica Riley Photography
Floral Design | Elizabeth Spencer Designs
Hair & Makeup | Kimberly Adkins Rush





"Today is a celebration. It's a celebration of love, of commitment, of friendship, of family, and two people who are in it forever to become one. Today is a sealing. Today, a four year love affair has come to a point where a holy seal will be placed on your lives making you one. We've come together in the prescense of God to witness that sealing and celebrate the union of the joining of Noah and Sara."

To say that Noah McQueen and Sara Flatt’s wedding day looked like a scene straight out of a classic fairy tale would be an understatement. From the beautiful bridal bouquet delicately filled with white ranunculus, vanilla roses, and white waxflowers to the awed and love-struck expression on Noah’s face as his gorgeous and timeless bride walked down the aisle, this day can only be remembered as completely enchanting. Noah and Sara’s wedding took place in the modest, but breathtaking town of Corinth, Mississippi under the bright blue sky at Franklin Courtyard on May 27th, 2017.  It can be said that on that day, Noah took Sara to be his McQueen, and they lived happily ever after.